EDS Month Discounts!

Hey guys, Just wanted to jump on real quick and let you know what deals I have going for this month for everyone!  I am not making any commissions, or being rewarded in any way with these codes/discounts, I only want us to have access to cleaner, higher quality products that are as beneficial as they are functional!

The Granola Goat

Use code EDSMONTH at The Granola Goat for 10% discount off any purchase!  The Granola Goat is a great source for affordable high quality handmade,  vegan and cruelty free skincare and body care!  Treat yourself to a magic mushroom mask to help restore vitality and brilliance to your skin!  GG has face masks, face serums, balms, a powder and oil cleanser, beautiful facial steams, a fantastic collection of body care  including magnesium lotion and a mag. soak, accessories, and a limited range of Alluring Alchemist items!


Satva Living

I want every EDS'er to MOVE!  We are prone to quick muscle deconditioning, so the less we move the quicker our muscle mass deteriorates.  Not only does it sound bad, it is!  deconditioning makes injury recovery much harder for us, which means we may not be able to make the effort due to exacerbated weakness, fatigue and pain due to deconditioning.  Conversely exercise, and other sustained movement routines increase dopamine production, activating the pleasure center of your brain creating positive correlations with exercise and your overall quality of life.   I contacted Satva Living and they generously offered the code FRIEND25 for the month of May for 25% off your purchase!  Not only are yoga clothes the most comfortable, but we reap additional benefits from sports wear.  The tightness of yoga wear means we have sensory cues for our brains to improve our proprioception, which means (hopefully) a reduction of injuries, increased limb and joint awareness, and better walking gait and posture.   Finding good yoga wear that is well made, and lasts is hard to do.  I have SEVERAL Satva pieces that have really stood up to the test of time.  I love that they use recycled plastics, and organic cottons, which is a huge bonus to me.  

BEDDING - Frankenmuth Wool

As much as I want you to move, I want you to sleep.  Like actually sleep.  Maybe more than 2 minutes with your eyes open.  I struggled with sleep dysfunction for 13 years, and while it has improved, I still have night time dislocations, and nerve compression that causes waking, or extreme pain upon waking which effects every part of every day.   There was a study done by National Institute of Health  in 2009 of 50 patients with fibromyalgia, and the results clearly indicate the effectiveness of wool clothing and bedding in regards to its treating fibromyalgia (FM), with "Patients in the treatment group reported significant improvements in their conditions including a reduction in pain levels, tender point counts, and all scores of the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire. "

I have been searching for a budget friendly natural, chemical free wool mattress topper ever since diagnosis three years ago, and having a king size bed has shied me away from making a purchase.  Wool toppers can easily cost $1000, and that can feel like a huge stretch even if it is so beneficial.   Through research I came across the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill, a Michigan based company that has been dedicated to wool crafting for the last 124 years.  They have also dedicated their craft to sourcing wool from climate beneficial farms that are transparent in their practices.  Their sheep are raised humanely on farms that have a negative carbon footprint, and are only shorn when their fleece is ready.  

This is what drives the price of quality wool products so high, and rightfully so.  Quality really does make these products worthy of their price tag, but trying to stay within a budget also drives you to seek out the best deals, which is exactly how I stumbled upon Frankenmuth Woolen Mill.   Instead of $1000, I was able to outfit my failing mattress with a wool mattress topper for $434, less than half of the price I originally started at three years ago!  

I have been sleeping on  my new topper, and with my new wool pillow for the last 2 weeks, and I absolutely wake up with less pressure sensitivity from poor sleep posture, the fire radiating from my neck due to migraines has been greatly reduced and I wake up more refreshed and ready for the day more than ever.  I realize I will have good and bad days, but it has been amazing to note such a drastic change in sleep quality with these two products.  

What's better than results, sharing the love!  The Frankenmuth Wollen Mill understands the plight of the sleepless and fibromaylagia sufferers of the world and have graciously offered the following:

With any purchase of any size comforter or mattress pad, you will receive a FREE standard size pillow (an $87 value) with code EDSMONTH through June 15th!  *Note:  you must add the standard size pillow in your cart for the code to work.

Click on code to go direct to their store!


If you have any helpful hints for how you get through your moments of disability please share with us!