Me 'n Zac

So we're a thing.  

Aside from all of the glaring grammatical errors, it's true.  Chronic pain is a huge factor in the manifestation of depression in people who may otherwise not be predispositioned to having any depressive disorders.  Chronic pain can create a perpetual state of stress on the nervous system which changes your nervous system and how is behaves and responds to pain, stress, emotions, everything you can imagine.  This domino effect wreaks havoc on your parasympathetic nervous system which inhibits your bodies ability to respond to normal emotions, and normal situations in a rational manner.  Throw chronic pain and chronic fatigue in the mix, and your setting yourself up for failure before you even begin the journey.  Mental health has so much bearing on the way we interpret and deal with pain.  In no way am I diminishing anyone's pain, or the countless ways you have tried to treat the relentless pain.  I'm saying lets approach it from a healthier mental standpoint so that we can take back control of our lives.  

I have been fortunate enough to be predispositioned to depressive disorders, and I'm a member of the chronic pain party.  

So what does Prozac have to do with any of this?

It's a tool.  It's okay to need, and use tools that are available to us as needed.  I personally prefer to approach everything from an herbal standpoint, mainly because I am allergic to most medications (thank you EDS), or I tend to exhibit those rare side effects, so I attempt to treat myself with whatever natural method I can.  For the most part, that goes fairly well for me, however when you're at a point where everything is a tragedy, a disaster, a monumental crisis, and you have difficulties managing your health issues because you cannot pull yourself out of the wallows of your own inventions, you need help.

I needed help.  I'm not saying Prozac will diminish your pain in any manner at all, but everything is not a tragedy anymore.  I deal with my pain more rationally I feel.  I still have subluxations that impair my mobility, migraines, constant muscle and joint pain, but I feel like my perspective has been widened.  I feel like I can accept a situation for what is it and reconstruct activiteis around my inabilities, or injuries, and not the other way around as it has been for so many years. 

There are several alternatives I have on my list to maintain my serotonin after raising it to a normal functioning level.  SAM-e, exercise, therapy, turmeric, saffron, vitamins that you may be deficient in are great tools to maintain, however my point is it's okay to need help, and take your life back.  EDS has so many intrinsic complications.  I  urge you to maintain your mental health so that we can endure our battles rationally, and as logically as possible so that we can learn new ways to help each other.  So that we can enjoy those little, monumental moments of our lives that pain should not rob from us.

What has your experience been with depression, antidepressants, Prozac, natural methods, alternative methods?

Do you have a loved one dealing with these situations, and need help?  Feel free to contact us by email.  There are several notional services that you can contact anonymously.  Text "GO" to 741741 24/7 to contact a counselor.

If you feel like you are overwhelmed, if you have anxiety attacks, feel worthless, suicidal, have social anxiety and have not been able to pry yourself from your home in days or weeks, please reach out to a medical professional, a friend, family or contact the hotline above.


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