Have a Hobby?

Hobby musings, and how they help your emotional responses to stressful situations.

What's your passion, your go to happy thought?  

Connecting, photos, flowers, peaceful scenery, getting a massage, retail therapy?  The lists are endless, and as unique as the individual who pursues them.  Even if you haven't smiled in a while, or found joy in the things that used to bring you exuberance, you can get back to that place.  The key is small steps.  They will accumulate in a journey full of memories that only you can create.


The beautiful thing about the electrical impulses that delegate our perfunctory functions, is that we still have control of the way we allow them to process certain bits of information, even if their paths have been detoured momentarily.  I am referring to having your emotions and parasympathetic nervous system hijacked  by the incessant firing of cortisol, and adrenaline from hypersensitive nerves.  Rewriting the responses you allow to flood your nervous system will slowly retrain how your brain responds to uncomfortable situations, flare ups, and ultimately allow for a better quality of life. 


The most effective I have experienced, and a non habit forming way for those concerned about the regular consumption of prescription medications, to persuade your nervous system that although you may be in pain the world is not in fact going to end right now is by positive reinforcement.


Breathing techniques.  Take a moment.  Tune into your body, it craves attention.  Does your neck hurt?  Would it benefit from a heating pad, a massage or some physical therapy?  Do it.  Are you fatigued?  Would drawing, writing, or solving a puzzle perk your mood?  Do it.  


There are a plethora of tiny adjustments that will make your overall functionality less aggravated and easier to transitions between the many situations that may create a negative environment.  Hobbies are an amazing facilitator.  They can distract even the worst of pains if you determine the appropriate stimuli.  You may not want to hang out at an art gallery if you're nauseated, but taking part in a tea ceremony may calm your senses momentarily?  


I know there's no cure-all for everyone, but you we can try to find those things that bring us the most joy, and hold on to them the hardest.