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 Let's face it, we're not in this alone.  EDS consumes not only our lives, but the lives of our loved ones.  It is important for everyone to have a voice.  I will be looking to feature monthly stories from guest bloggers in the Spoonie Press Blog who either have EDS and/or suffer from any of the varying comorbidities that affect EDSers.  This way we can learn from each other and our experiences.  I also would love to feature family members, mothers, fathers, children, extended family and caretakers.  Your emotions, concerns and experiences are just as invaluable.  We are not all built the same, and our issues are complex.  Your story may save a marriage, reunite family or create a loving environment you were unsure how to nurture.  The stress of every day suffering can create situations we do not want to be in emotionally, but we can learn from each other to create a harmonious quality of life. Please contact me if you wish to be featured, or have someone you would like me to contact at hello@edsneeds.com!

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