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I realize this information may at times be duplicate and triplicate advertisements for upcoming events, however I am not affiliated with any of these events/organizations.  I only want to create a landing page for current events in the EDS world that might have been a missed opportunity for someone.  I will try to keep this section as current as possible, and will archive past events periodically.  Please feel free to contact me with any referrals as well


2017 Ehlers-Danlos Society Global Learning Conference

Here is a direct link to the Ehlers Danlos Society's landing page for registration details.  I will update here once details go live!








2017 EDS International Classification

I couldn't be more excited to be plugged into the EDS forums that are brimming with new classifications and research.  If you did not get a chance to catch this morning's webinar with Dr. Clair Francomano and Lara Bloom from the Ehlers-Danlos Society reviewing the new classification nosolgy check it out here!  You can also click on the photo above to go directly to their new list of links regarding the new classification.

usa - april 28-30 2017

Middleburg, VA

Integrative health & Wellness conference for all walks of eds

EDS in the News

Exercising her right to free speech in Arkansas in February of 2017, Katie McFarland was "brushed off" by Senator Cotton who is planning to repeal Affordable Care Act.  Read her inspirational story here.

UK - may 6-7 2017

Manchester Bury

veds conference

usa - june 0-11

middleburg, va

physicians learning conference

'The Physicians Learning Conference aims to equip medical professionals of all specialties, the medical information, and resources needed to ensure the proper diagnosis and care of patients with complex, chronic and often misunderstood medical conditions."  If you're interested click on the photo above, or here.  You can also forward this information to your physicians.  Knowledge is Power!